Unitum Coin
About Unitum
Unitum ($UTM) is a community fuelled, yield-generating DeFi contract to hedge against inflation that allows the user to protect themselves from the volatility of the cryptocurrency market.

Why Unitum Is Different

Unitum differs from any other token due to our consistently updated algorithms and our relentless development team. Our expertise has enabled us to start discussions that can enable our mission of ending ticket fraud and rewarding our holders for support us on our mission.
We aim to give financial freedom to our entire community and are excited to release our NFT exchange by the end of Q4 2021 in partnership with some of the largest sporting brands and airline companies worldwide. Our main purpose for our NFT exchange launch is to change the ticketing world for the better and make ticketing fraud a distant memory of the past.
Unitum Official Whitepaper v1.4.pdf
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